Replaster - Recope - Retile - New Steps
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Licensed contractor No. C35, C53-852194

Maintain your investment! We can do all kinds of pool and spa repairs and upgrades. Periodic re-plastering protects the structure of your pool from the effects of the water and pool chemicals. It also prevents "pool toe" caused by the rough plaster surface that develops after several acid washes.

Upgrade your pool and enhance the value of your property. We can add steps, replace coping and make other improvements. Influence the color of the water by changing your plaster color.

New Steps

Cantilevered Coping

Gray Plaster gives a pretty blue color.

Another example of gray plaster.

Want a new view? We offer Quartzscapes surface systems for a brilliant, bold look. There are many colors to choose from and they can also be applied to your decking, BBQ and other outdoor amenities.

The interplay of lighting, location, weather and time of day with Quartzscapes natural materials create a look that is unique to your pool. The color remains true and does not fade over time.

Aruba Sky


Midnight Blue